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W.O.W presents "Women of Warriors" 4/8/17

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W.O.W presents "Women of Warriors" 4/8/17

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Similar to the yearly “King of New York” tournament put on by WOW each year, the show will feature 16 of the best female wrestlers in the northeast. The first round will be all four way scramble matches. Both the semi finals and finals will be contested as normal singles matches. The winner of the tournament will be the first ever Women of Warriors Champion.

Participants in the tournament include:

- Former ECW Star Angel Orsini

- Hellen Vale

- Jordynne Grace

- Katred

- Terra Calaway

- Sonya Strong

- Vanity

- Nikki Addams

- Aria Cadenza

- Davienne Long

- Holidead

- C-Bunny

- Allie Reks

- Isana

- Willow

- Antoinette

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